Cosplay Number 2: Belarus!

After my adventures with Iggy I had made some more Hetalia friends (and met girl crush number two…Mind you, at the time I had never dated anyone. Ever.) Again for the sake of privacy I’ll be leaving names out since I think this one definitely hates my guts for our own personal reasons. So I’ll just refer to them as their character names for now!

So we had our little cosplay group of crush#1 as America, crush#2 as Russia, Amanda (whom I’ll probably refer to as Pookie or Pook a lot) as Japan, and a few of our other friends as Italy, Spain, blah blah blah you get the picture.

—Oh… For those of you who don’t know, Hetalia is this anime where the characters are personifications of a country so for example, America is this handsome blonde with blue hair and glasses, physically in good shape but loves “WacDonalds” (yay for copyright) and is completely loud, obnoxious, and is the leader and the “Hero” of everything. Russia is a stereotypical Russian, drinks a lot of vodka, kinda creepy as all hell, and basically any stereotypes that you could expect from the countries are basically what their anime characters are.–

So any way.. America and Russia came to me one day with this awesome idea to enter a contest to be in some YouTube show. We were limited to the characters that the show was going to need so America and I couldn’t do our usual America and England cosplay. So she decided to do a country called Lichtenstein, and I decided to do Belarus. Now mind you neither of these girls knew I had a crush on them at the time. What was funny about this kind of character pairing was that I (Belarus) was supposed to be in love with (and mildly obsessed with) Big Brother Russia (yea I know) who was afraid of me. Big brother Russia was supposed to be obsessing over Lichtenstein who was immensely terrified of him, and Lichtenstein was supposed to be in love with Belarus who genuinely wanted nothing to do with him. Talk about a party!

They had their cosplays all set already so it was up to me to figure out what I was doing for mine. I was far far away from being a skinny platinum blonde but I took on the adventure regardless. In the THREE HOUR time frame that I had to make this costume –and oh did I mention I only had $20 (NOT ENOUGH TO GET CLOTHES AND A WIG!!!!!)– I was able to go to goodwill.I don’t remember what exactly I bought there other than shoes that KILLED my feet but were perfect for the cosplay, thick gray stockings, and a long blue skirt. I think. Any way. I remember going home, taking an old white T-shirt I had and cutting it into pieces to try and make a makeshift apron. I also had hand sewn some ribbon to the bottom of my skirt, and took an old blue long sleeved shirt and cut it into the appropriate shape for the top of Bel’s dress. Remember this was all in the span of three hours, and we were wearing these super hot costumes in the middle of summer to go camping. Oh yea we were smart. Somehow I had managed to do everything I needed to do. Russia picked us up in her car and we drove up to my family’s cabin to spend the weekend with my grandpa (If you thought he wasn’t going to be in this one you’re so so wrong)!

When we finally got up there we spent the night making fourth of July cupcakes with blue berries and strawberries and icing. And yes, we made the cupcakes have faces and talk in the voices of the countries (We were still like 14/15/16 in that age range ok?!). The next morning we dawned our cosplays, and went around the camp area to film our video. In retrospect we probably should have done this somewhere snowy and more like the countrys’ normal weather conditions instead of in the woods by the lake, but I think all we really cared about at that time was the three of us having fun.

My darling grandpa all the while saw what we were doing, and fully supported us. He helped us decorate a few cupcakes, told us our costumes looked great (even though mine clearly did not), and even though he had no clue what it was that we were doing, or why, he made it easy for us to relax and be ourselves.

At this stage in my cosplay life I had finally gotten really good at getting into character and not breaking character. I was not the best at accents yet, but over time that’s improved quite a bit; and again this was a three hour costume. In the course of the maybe 6 ish months between my first Iggy and this new Belarus I had already seen a vast improvement in my costumes and how I carried myself as the character. And then came Grell. But that’s a whole different story for a whole different post.



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