Using Worbla

Worbla is a thermoplastic material that when cool is very hard and durable but when heated it becomes very mold-able. While it is more expensive than other materials like foam or other thermoplastics, I feel that it is definitely worth the price — from my own personal experience.

When using the Worbla you want to make sure you have a flat surface to work on, such as a table or the floor, and because one of the sides gets very sticky when heated I definitely recommend putting down a few layers of cardboard or something that you don’t really care too much about in case it gets ruined.

Worble is thin enough to be cut with regular house scissors or an X-acto knife for smaller pieces so you don’t need to spend an arm and  a leg on large clippers and shears. I do recommend investing in a good heat gun that will last you a while, because while you are able to manipulate the worbla by using other sources of heat such as the oven, boiling water, or a hair dryer I find that it is easiest and much quicker to use a heat gun.

Depending of the size of the Worbla you can make things from small masks, to large armor, and even things such as staffs, gems, or other 3-D objects.

If you go to my picture’s page on here you can see examples of what I’ve used the worbla for. I have made my Harley Quinn masks, Ganon’s head piece, and even a pair of earrings, so it’s definitely a very versatile material!

Small sample sheets start at only $20 but the larger sheets can run up to $80 so it’s important to plan ahead with how much you may need; obviously if you need large quantities it is cheaper to buy it all at once in bulk.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions to how this works, or any other product you would like me to review!


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