Making the Hammer!

Here’s how to make a Harley hammer in less than two hours (not including paint drying time)! You can make the hammer as big or as small as you want; however with the method I’m about to go over and the products I use I recommend not making it any taller than the person that will be carrying it.

What you’ll need:

I have included links to all of these products, you don’t have to use the specific product I’ve linked you to. The links are mostly so you know what you’re looking for if you’ve never seen the product before!

The Steps:

  1. Cut four circles of the same size out of the flooring, these should be as large as you want the diameter of the hammer to be. In the picture provided I’ve made my circles about 10inches in diameter. Make sure your circles are cut smooth and are all the same size and shape.
  2. Cut the cardboard tube to the length you want it (the smaller your circles, the shorter your tube should be). For reference, in the picture above I am about 5’4″, the circles were about 10″ in diameter and the cardboard tube went to about the middle of my chest.
  3. Using the cut up end of the tube, hot glue one circle to the tube about 3″ down the tube to make sure it is secure. Let this dry completely and then do it again to the other side lining up the circles so it looks like you have a street sign.
  4. Once these circles are dry cut up the stray “Puzzle” pieces of the flooring glue together three different sets of them all about the same size as the space between the two circles.
  5. Glue the three sets that you have just made in between the two circles, one in the middle, and the other two toward the top sides to secure the circles and make sure they are very sturdy.
  6. Lie the hammer down to dry while you do this next step.
    take the “puzzle pieces” of the flooring and cut them up into individual pieces. If you still aren’t sure what I mean by puzzle pieces here’s a quick picture.

    the edge pieces and the part that gets pulled off. When cutting them into individual pieces you want to make sure that there is only one “bump” part per piece that you cut.
  7. Once the pieces are cut up separate them into piles of 6-8 depending on the size of your hammer. for my hammer I used 8.
  8. Stack the pieces on top of each other and glue them together using the hot glue. You should be stacking them rough side to flat side. Do this for each of your piles, you will want to have at least 10 stacks when your done, you can make more for a larger hammer, the more you have the sturdier your hammer will be.
  9. Once finished Hot glue half of your stacks onto one of the circles. You will want to have one stack in the very center of the circle and the rest equidistant from each other around the edges about 1/4″ away from the very edge.
  10. When you have the stacks glues where you want them take another circle and glue the rough side to the stacks leaving the smooth side facing out.
  11. Repeat steps 9&10 on the other side when dry.
  12. Take your 2mm craft foam and unroll it onto whatever flat surface you’re working on, I prefer to use the floor.
  13. Lie your hammer on top of the foam and very carefully (DO NOT RUSH THIS) cut the sides of the foam to meet the outer sides of the circles on the hammer. You want this to be as exact as possible so you may want to start with the hammer all the way to one side of the foam that way you have one line already straight. Feel free to use a pencil or light colored marker to draw a line down the length of the foam to make it easier to cut a straight line.
  14. Once the sides of the foam are cut, line them up with the sides of the hammer and  Hot glue the bottom of the foam to the spot on the hammer where the circles you’ve made meet the cardboard tube. When doing the next few steps please remember there is no such thing as too much glue!
  15. Once you have the base of the foam secured to the hammer slowly roll the hammer into the foam, continuously applying hot glue to any spot that the hammer meets the foam. This will be the slowest part of the process and it is very important to take your time. If you rush this your hammer will not look the way you want it to at the end.
  16. When the foam finally meets the end of the hammer cut the foam to go slightly over the foam that you have already glued down. Make sure you cut a small area for the foam to easily go around the cardboard tube.
  17. Make sure everything is glued securely and set the hammer down to dry. Walk away, and don’t think about the hammer for at least 20 minutes.
  18. After you’ve taken a break from your hammer come back and inspect it to make sure it’s the size and shape that you want it and none of the foam is poking out in the wrong spots.
  19. Paint! Go ahead and paint the hammer however you want it, there is no right or wrong way!
  20. This would be the step to add your foam balls if you wanted the hammer to appear to have large studs on it like the classic hammer does. To do this make sure your balls are all the same size and cut them in half (please make sure you’re using the SMOOTH balls. You can get them at a craft store in the floral section as well as in the kids crafts section).
  21. After they are cut pain them however you like
  22. Once the paint is dry hot glue them to the parts of the hammer you want them on.
  23. Once everything is dry inspect it one last time to make sure everything is in it’s place and does not need a second coat of paint.
  24. Add any last details you want (I have a smaller hammer that I have made in a more cartoon style so I have added shading and highlights to it, as well as a J+H in a heart.
  25. Finally add your clear spray to make sure the paint doesn’t chip!

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