Hey there!

Hey guys! So I was messaged on my account (which is hyperlinked in here if you’d like to message me) asking why I chose to post my own cosplaying experiences on this blog along with the other usual things you’d see on a cosplay blog.


The reason I do this is definitely not to push my story on you. I love to talk about my life and I can go on for years about any little subject if I’ve been through it personally. But the main reason I use my story is because I like to give specific examples of the good that cosplay does in the community. I can sit here all day and tell you cosplayboostconfidencecosplayhelpsyoumeetpeoplecosplayhelpsyoubecreativecosplayisgreatyoushouldtotallycosplay becauseitsuperawesome.

But if I sit here and do that it gets repetitive and really annoying. So I like to use specific examples of how it’s helped me!


Thanks for your questions I hope this helped!!!!!


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