Partner in crime: ‘Till Arkham Do Us Part

About a year later I was definitely immersed in the world of cosplay. The next cosplay Michelle and I decided to do was something we had thought about for a long time; Kagura and Kagome from Inuyasha! Nerrrrrdddd Yes I am well aware that we sound lame, but it was something that we had wanted to do since middle school when we first discovered the show.

When we finally got our costumes together we decided we would wear them to our favorite convention, Genericon. We were having a great weekend and little did I know it was only going to get better. After being completely exhausted from the previous day, Michelle and I found a quiet-as-possible area to sit down and just relax for a little while between panels. IT was getting to be about 8pm and we were trying to figure out what to do next since all of the panels we wanted to see were just about finished up.

Then–as if Batman himself heard cry of boredom– I heard the loudest, most Mark Hamhill-esque laugh that woke up my inner Harley. Now, while we were deciding what cosplays to do I desperately wanted to do Harley Quinn, but I wasn’t ready to cosplay without at least one other person doing something from the same fandom and seeing as Michelle wasn’t a big comic book person at the time we decided to go with something else. As we sat there trying to figure out where the heck the obviously recorded Joker laugh had come from, again as if Bats himself wanted all of our questions answered that night, there they were, coming around the exact corner that we had decided to sit at was the Joker who was followed by the Riddler and a few of their friends. If I believed in such things I’d say it was love at first sight, but either way it was definitely the beginning of something that completely flipped my life. I know I say that a lot throughout these posts but these events really have changed my life more than any other events have.

Joker noticed me and said something vulgar yet silly and I spouted out something back and that was the end of it. He kept walking and Michelle and I stayed in our corner. Nothing really amazing came of that interaction it was just another interaction with another cosplayer, at least that’s what I thought at the time.

We got up to see our friend who was cosplaying the “Old Spice” guy and he started to dance to the Gangnam Style song in the middle of the convention. In less than a second he was joined by the 10th doctor who I later became good friends with, and by who else but –you guessed it– the Joker. After they were done I went to go talk to old spice just like I normally would have, except this time for some odd reason I was very inclined to walk away from him, and go right up to Joker whom I had never met before other than that small interaction. I didn’t really have a reason for going up to him and I didn’t really have anything to say so I just complimented his very well done cosplay and told him I was very sorry that I wasn’t Harley like I had originally planned on.

That started a very brief conversation about how he was doing a panel in a few minutes and finally Michelle and I knew what to do next.

So we went to the panel and it was pretty good– a little odd but still good– and when it was over we walked away and decided to go to another end of the convention to get away from the massive crowd that kept trying to talk to the panelist (Joker and Riddler). Not even a minute later Joker walked right up to me, introduced himself, and handed me his cosplay card. When I got home that night I looked him up found out he had a very mini webseries that he was trying to start out and it was actually pretty cool. It was called Gotham Underworld. If you look it up now you’ll definitely see a video with me in it! I added him on Facebook and we started talking and became friends quickly–and something more than that even quicker. We were together all of the time always hanging out watching movies our going out together or just finding things to do to spend time together. To be completely honest I wasn’t really a big fan of him at first. He was a cool guy but I wasn’t really looking for new friends so I was just considering what we were doing “fun” but within the first few months fun definitely turned into a real relationship.

It definitely wasn’t perfect at the beginning but it worked out and here we are almost four years later in a real relationship!

Now, the relationship is a real plus. Never did I intend to find a relationship while cosplaying but it definitely brings people together. When I went to that convention I was not expecting anything. I had just broken up with Nyxx and I was actually very upset about that. Not to mention up until that point I was really only interested in women so the fact that I settled down with a man is definitely something I wasn’t expecting. Needless to say a new relationship –let alone one with a man– was something I was absolutely 100% not looking for. It just goes to show that not only does cosplay provide an outlet that allows you to be as creative as you’d like and as outspoken an confident as you’d like, it also encourages POSITIVE relationships from friendships that are strictly platonic, to something that becomes romantic the more you cosplay the more your interpersonal relationships develop and even thrive.


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