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Too fat for cosplay?

I am too fat to be cosplaying.

There you go, I said what many people out there are thinking. Did that satisfy anyone? Are you glad I’ve admitted it? Well I’ll say it again for you. I am too fat to be showing as much skin as I do. I am too fat to be Harley Quinn. I am too fat to be wearing short shorts. I am too fat for the jumpsuits and spandex. And here how about this. I’m not pretty enough either. I shouldn’t cosplay because I am not pretty.

I am not a supermodel. I am not super skinny. But in my own way I am beautiful. And I love to cosplay.

Everyone need to stop with the body shaming. You are not too fat you are not ugly you are not showing too much skin (unless there is actually a dress code). If you are super skinny and you want to cosplay Ursula then GO FOR IT. If you’re more overweight and you want to cosplay Harley Quinn go for it. If you’re a man and you want to cosplay Sailor Moon do it. If you’re a woman but you want to cosplay Batman then do it. The best thing about cosplay is there are no rules on how to do it. No one is allowed to tell you that you aren’t good enough for anything.

And guess what, if someone does comment about your cosplay you have options!

  • You can report them to con security for harassment. That’s right I said it! That is actually a thing and they will be forced to leave the convention. And don’t feel guilty about doing it either because I guarantee you aren’t the only one they’re making comments about.
  • You can ignore them. No one is forcing you to even acknowledge them. Keep on moving and act like you hadn’t even heard them. If anything this is going to start to bother them because they were looking for some kind of reaction.
  • You can confront them. Do not be angry, or mean while doing this because that will only get you into all sorts of trouble.  If you are going to approach them they may fire back with worse things to say so whatever you do make sure you’re about to say something to shut them up.

There is no such thing as too fat or too skinny for cosplay. As long as you are comfortable and happy and dressed within the limits of the conventions dress code then there is nothing wrong with what you’re wearing. Now. If the conventions guidelines are more modest and state that you cannot be showing certain body parts but you show up in nipple stickers and a thong bikini bottom, you getting into trouble has absolutely nothing to do with your size or how attractive you are. Rules are rules. It’s just like if you showed up to a convention with a 6 and a half foot scythe when the convention clearly has a weapons limit. You can’t be mad if they call you out in next year’s con book *coughcoughMICHELLEcoughcough* but in all seriousness just follow the rules of the convention and love what you’re wearing. At the end of the day some random person’s opinion means nothing.

And to the people out there with the cosplay shame blogs, you need to stop. It’s disgusting and cruel. Actually strike that. To anyone out there with any form of media that shames people for their appearance or lifestyle get out. No one wants you here. This includes tabloids and the paps. If you’re going to judge someone it should be off of their actions and their personality and who they choose to be in society, not because of their appearance or other physical features.

I’m sick of seeing people beauty shamed too! You’re all beautiful in your own way, even if you don’t see it I promise someone else does. There are supermodels out there who think they’re the ugliest things in creation. Hell. even Tyra freaking Banks, Demi Lovato, Hillary Duff, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, and RDJ all struggle with confidence issues whether it’s their beauty or their size. And these people all make MILLIONS from being on TV. Please let that sink in. I know we already know this but seriously take a minute and let it sink in. The most well respected and looked up to celebrities are self-conscious. Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves. No one is perfect. Not a single person except maybe Julie Andrews and Barbara Streisand.

Stop slut shaming. I’m serious. We all do it. Yes person reading this post I know you’ve done it at least once. And you do it without even realizing it. Looking at someone and thinking “they should probably cover up” is doing it (unless it’s cold and you’re their mother). I’ll be the first to admit. I refuse to allow my baby sister to wear booty shorts and crop tops. Does she look bomb as hell in them? Definitely! Do I think she deserves to wear them to show off how beautiful she is? Absolutely! Am I okay with her wearing them to church? No way in hell! Other than the church thing which is out of respect for the religion, I don’t stop her from wearing them because I think they’re too revealing. I stop her from wearing them because I don’t trust people to keep their hands off. My baby sister is 17 years old and she has 30 and 40+ year old men –That’s right, grown ass adults– finding her pictures on Facebook and messaging her. It’s disgusting! And before you say anything, no she does not post revealing pictures online at all! Instead of slut shaming someone can we start throwing the shame to the people who look at her like she’s a piece of meat? Teenagers looking at her is understandable, she’s their age and they’re hormonal. But what excuse do these grown men, these adults, have? It’s disgusting. That’s where this stigma comes from. This is the real reason you’re told from a young age to stay covered up. An old man approached my boyfriend at the park and asked to take a picture of our three year old on the swings. A THREE YEAR OLD. Stop blaming the girls. Stop blaming the revealing clothing. STOP BLAMING. And start pressing charges. If a woman is comfortable with her body and wants to wear booty shorts, no bra, and a white crop top she should be able to feel safe enough to do so instead of having to panic about potentially getting attacked.

Last on this post but definitely not least (nor will this be the last post of it’s kind) STOP SHAMING LGBTQ. And again everyone does it. Even if you are LGBTQ you do it. Stop. I’m guilty of it too and I’m definitely LGBT. I’m a female and up until this current relationship I’ve only ever been with females. and I’ll admit to several things that I’ve done that ya’ll are gonna hate me for. I at one time or another did not believe the whole transgender thing. And I’m sorry. I used to think that it was just for attention. Hell I’ve even dated two transgenders and I’ve never really understood it. And the more people that came out the more I thought it was for attention until one day it finally clicked. For the longest time I did not like bisexuals, even though, yes, I am a bisexual (obviously). But not for the reasons everyone thinks. Most people think they’re indecisive. I was just mad because they limit the playing field even further. It’s like wait you’re a bisexual. Great now I have to worry about you cheating on me with both genders instead of one, or  it would be, but wait how can I ever satisfy you. Both were put to rest when I realized I was bisexual. And finally, something that I’ve tried to stop doing but can’t. I use the word “faggot” all the time. I also call things gay. All the time. I don’t know how it started and I’ve tried stopping and sometimes it slips out.

But now that we’ve gotten my flaws out of the way, seriously stop it. I can’t change anyone’s ideology and if you genuinely are homophobic or whatever you want to call it fine. But keep your mouth shut. and if you’re response is “But I’m homophobic. I’m terrified how can I possibly not say something?” Here’s your answer. I’m terrified of heights and horses. I haven’t the slightest idea why. But I don’t go around all the time talking about it. And if I end up in a situation where I’m around a horse I walk away. And If I think there’s a situation that will require me to be up off of the ground and in the air, I avoid it. Everyone has a phobia or a fear of something. Only jerks regularly broadcast it. And if you aren’t living in fear of it and you’re just spewing hate, there are plenty of organ donor companies that would be happy to remove your tongue and give it to someone else if it’s really that hard to refrain.



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