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Cosplay & Con Tips for Beginners

Things I did wrong with my first cosplays/cons that you can avoid!

  • Start your costume as early as you can. Have an idea for a cosplay but don’t need it for a year? GREAT start now! Working the night of a con is the absolute worst. Trust me.
  • Book your hotel super early!! I waited until the month of a con to book our first hotel. Not only was there barely anything left to choose from, but it was RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. Save money and stress and book it as soon as you know you’re going.
  • Which brings me to my next tip. GET THE TICKETS ASAP. The pre-order prices are way better than at the door, and there is no guarantee tickets will be left when you get there.
  • Sleep and Take breaks. Do no stay up all night before the convention and do not stay at the convention if you’re exhausted!
  • Add pockets to your costume if possible
  • Bring a sewing kit
  • Budget/Use coupons. Joann Fabric and Crafts accepts COMPETITOR COUPONS. This means they take hobby lobby and Michael’s coupons as well as their own.
  • Buy more fabric than you need
  • Do not get a “party” wig. Use wig vendors you trust.
  • Stay positive. It’s really easy to get self conscious if this is your first few times. Everyone is at their own level. Don’t feel like you aren’t good enough.
  • BREATHE. I really cannot stress this enough. All of this can get really overwhelming. Take time for yourself. Walk away from your project for an hour or so or go back to the hotel room and come back relaxed. None of this is any fun if you’re too stressed.

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