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Let’s Talk Makeup Tools!

Cosplay makeup is difficult to perfect, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t typically own or wear makeup. If cosplaying is something you want to do and you’re trying to look as screen accurate as possible then makeup is a must. If you’re willing to invest hundreds into a costume then you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny for makeup as well. The best thing about spending a lot on makeup is you can use it for multiple costumes so I promise it pays for itself; and as long as you take care of your products you can make them last a long time.

There are so many different types of makeup how do you know what to get?! Here are things that I’ve found to be necessities if you’re planning to do costume makeup!  Most of the things I link in will be from Ulta’s website because they’re just as good as Sephora but a little cheaper. But you can feel free to shop at whatever stores work for you.

** This is just a post for the tools. If you’re looking for actual makeup necessities please click this link to be redirected to my makeup necessities post!**

Tools: The most important thing you can buy are your tools. By tools I mean brushes, sponges, etc. Here are a few of the necessities ( and things I think are worth spending a little extra on):

  1. Brushes of all different sizes and angles. I prefer the more expensive $50 per brush; however, Elf has a very nice set of 19 brushes for $50. You’ll need a lot of different brushes for a lot of different things and Elf is one of the cheaper brands that is still a decent quality. The best part? YOU CAN GET IT AT WALMART. brushes
  2. Sponge or BeautyBlender. I prefer BeautyBlender brand but those can run you $20 for a small sponge. You can find all different (cheaper) versions of these sponges anywhere that sells makeup. beauty blender.PNG
  3.  Tweezers. You can get these almost anywhere that sells any beauty products. Any brand works about the same. tweezer.PNG
  4. Eyelash Curler. For costumes it’s essential to accentuate and over exaggerate your features. You want to make sure you’re using a curler with a little cushion in it or else your lashes may get stuck.


5. Sharpener. If you’re using pencil liners you’ll need a pencil sharpener.  sharpener.PNG

6. Eyebrow Stencils may be needed if you’re not sure how to draw in eyebrows. If you’re really new to the eyebrow world they also have complete kits for them. Just the stencils will cost about $6. The shaping tools alone will be around $20. A starter kit will be around $30.brows.PNG

7. Brush cleaning spray and a cleaning mat. While you can use shampoo or hand soap to clean your brushes it doesn’t entirely disinfect them. You want to make sure you get a good disinfectant brush spray. When in doubt you can use Barbicide but make sure you wash it thoroughly before using it to apply makeup again. The cleaning mats are also really great at getting the brushes really scrubbed out and they’re usually really cheap.

8. Makeup bags and Makeup cases. Proper storage for your makeup is important to prevent contamination. a large case that only hold makeup is good for storing all of your beauty products and tools. A small bag is goo to take extras to the con with you like lip sticks/mascaras, a mirror, and anything else you’re using.

9. Makeup remover or baby oil, and cotton ball or pads. Always always always take your makeup off before you go to bed, before you go swimming, or before you shower. This helps prevent infections and blemishes on your skin!

10. Kabuki brush. I know I said brushes already but if you’re wearing heavy makeup like the joker’s white face, a homestuck’s skin color, or anything really heavy and crazy you will need to use setting powder to keep your makeup from running/smudging/rubbing off. I’ve found that kabuki brushes are one of the best (and cheapest) out there for setting powder. kabuki.PNG

These are just some of my favorite necessities that I use. If you have any suggestions for anything else to use please leave a comment!


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