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Getting ready to do makeup, what do you need?

We’ve already talked about the necessary tools, but what about the makeup itself? Here are what I feel are the top 10 Makeup necessities. These are makeup must haves if you want your makeup to look flawless not only in person but in pictures and videos too!

  1.  PRIMER IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. Whether you use a spray or a cream you need to use primer. This helps set your makeup, give you an even surface to apply your foundation, and helps your makeup last all day REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH YOU SWEAT. Use it. I’m serious.
  2. Color Corrector and Concealer. If you’re going to be taking a lot of photos you want to use a good color corrector. Green cancels out red, yellow cancels out purples, etc. I prefer to use creams for this as opposed to powders because they’re thicker which is best for the dramatic costume effect. 2
  3. Liquid foundation. Please do not use powder foundation for costume makeup. The point of costume makeup is to be over accentuated. Powder is fine for everyday wear but liquid or cream is the way to go for costume/stage makeup. While you may be able to get other makeups at your local Walmart or Target, I recommend investing in a quality foundation as this will literally be the foundation that the rest of your makeup is built off of. Cheap is nice but looking flawless in pictures is way better. 3
  4. Contour kit. The more dramatic the better. I recommend getting a palette for this as the individual pieces can be very expensive. Make sure you’re using makeup made for your skin tone! And part of contouring is Blush. Blush is important for making your cheekbones stand out, emphasizing rosy cheeks, or in some cases muting the rosy color if your character is supposed to look more pale. Blush is a key piece of makeup especially if you’re not contouring. Apply this generously and dramatically.
  5. Loose Setting powder. You’ll want to use something that is either translucent or matte. It is extremely important to set your makeup with powder when you’re finished! I recommend setting your face after the foundation but before you work on your eyes. 6
  6. Eye shadow palette. I recommend having at least one neutral and one bright colored palette for costumes if you’re on a budget. If you aren’t on a budget and don’t have a problem spending money on makeup get as many different colored palettes as possible they com in handy for all sorts of things. If you have the right colors you can even use it for contouring if you run out of or cannot afford actual contouring makeup. There are so many fun palettes out there, explore! This is a great way to take your makeup to the next level.
  7. Eyeliner! Eyeliner is important for framing your eyes. Using combinations of white and black can give extremely dramatic effects. Make sure you buy an eyeliner that will do specifically what you want for your character!eyeliner
  8. Mascara. Use mascara strategically. When you’re paying for mascara you aren’t paying for the serum, you’re paying for the brush. If you find a brush you like then sick with that style, that’s what changes the way the lashes look! You can even add on false eyelashes for an even bigger effect. Falsies are not necessary but look amazing in pictures, if you’re going to get these don’t forget to grab a translucent or black glue!mascara
  9. Brow pencils/powders. When it comes to eyebrows there are a million different options, try out some cheap stuff from a drugstore first to figure out what you’re comfortable using before investing a lot of cash. There are some that look like mascara, come that look like creams, powders, pencils, liquids, even dyes. There is no right or wrong way, use what you’re comfortable with.9
  10. Lip color. Lipsticks, glosses, liners, and liquids. Use something on your lips! Costume makeup REQUIRED LIP COLOR. Whether it’s pink, red, brown, blue, or black you need something for your character! Never use a color without lining your lips first!

    There you have it! These are the essential items you need while cosplaying or doing stage makeup! There is a long list of other things you can use in addition to these items but if you’re on a budget or want to keep your makeup stash to a minimum these are the basics. Now you don’t have to use the exact products I have you linked to. If you’re on a strict budget you can use cheaper makeup but if you’ll be doing a lot of cosplaying it really is worth it to invest the money into quality makeup that is going to last.

***Please note that this list is strictly for normal looking characters, meaning characters that do not require face paints, liquid latex, scar tissue, zombie makeup, etc. I can make that into a separate list if requested. This list of makeup is strictly for normal, human appearing characters and is not intended to be used for abnormal characters.***


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