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My Top 10 Conventions

If you’re looking into cosplaying or attending a conventions here’s a list of my favorite conventions on the east coast!

10. Electric City Comic Con. SO I’m not even going to lie, this con is super tiny and there isn’t a lot to do. I live in Electric city and this year (2017) was the 2nd year of the convention. It’s not really a full blown convention yet, it’s more of a one day–I think Saturday– for a few hours where people show up to the library in cosplay. It’s really great for people who have never cosplayed before and want to see other beginners. But that’s really all this is–a beginners cosplay expo.

Also on this one I’ll include the Albany Toy Show/Albany Comic Con. I wouldn’t recommend traveling from anywhere too far away for Electric City or Albany comic con, because again they’re really just for beginners. But if you’re a beginner and local to the area it’s definitely worth it!

9. Northeast Comic Con. This is a very small convention based out of Massachusetts. I would absolutely recommend it for a first time convention goer! Even though it is really small, if you bring a friend or two you’ll have a ton of fun!

8. Genericon. This one is hit or miss for me depending on who is running the convention that year, but because it’s only 20 minutes away from me in Troy, NY I go every year! This too is a small convention but it’s always fun and super cheap!

7. NYCC. It wouldn’t be a comic con post if I didn’t at least mention NYCC. Especially seeing as I live in New York! I had a decent amount of fun that weekend, but the hassle of getting the tickets and waiting in line almost made it not worth it. I felt like in order to get to the panels you had to be in like like hours before anything happened which didn’t give you time to do anything else. But the convention itself was great, the vendors were amazing, and it’s NYC, of course it was amazing!

6. Philly Comic Con. Despite me actually having a really horrible weekend for my own personal reasons, this convention was actually awesome!It’s very large and even if you’re just walking around there’s always something to do!

5. Otakon. I LOVE OTAKON. It’s the largest anime convention on the east coast. I’ve only been there once back when it was still in Baltimore, but I’ve heard that since they moved it to DC it’s a million times better than it was before, and I definitely remember it being amazing! The only reason it isn’t closer to #1 for me is I haven’t been in a while so I don’t feel I can be completely honest with making it a higher number.

4. Rhode Island Comic Con. I liked this convention a lot; however, the lines are crazy long. For me it ended up being more of a cosplay showcase rather than anything else. I wasn’t able to do too much so I just walked around in my costume. It was still fun, but I found that I had more fun at the mall up the road than at the actual convention itself.

3. Scare-A-Con. This is a great horror film convention! It always has actors there such as Kane Hodder and Robert Englund, better known as Jason and Freddy!

2. Awesome Con. Exactly as it sounds, it was AWESOME. It’s the perfect mid-sized con. Not too small but definitely small enough where beginners are not going to get overwhelmed.

1.My all time favorite is Boston Comic Con. I really cannot stress how much I loved this convention. There was always something to do and no matter how busy it got it never felt over crowded. This was by far my favorite convention!

Have any other convention on the east coast that you really like? Have any conventions within a 10 hour driving distance of Albany, NY that you think I should check out? Post about it in the comment below! I’d love to hear your suggestions and your own personal experiences!




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