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LulaRoe.— I need opinions!!!!!!

Hey guys! So Recently, within the past year or so, I’ve discovered LulaRoe. For those of you who don’t know it’s an amazing clothing line with crazy cool prints and designs! I’ve used pieces of the Lula in some of my casual cosplays and I was thinking of going into business with them. and selling my own. It’s kind of like marykay or pampered chef except clothing so it does the usual, online parties, home parties, etc.

Being that I’ve been considering it for over a year now I would usually jump at the opportunity to get in on this. HOWEVER, the start up cost is CRAZY and I’m worried about sinking that much money into something all in one go.

Anyone who is familiar with the brand or has sold it in the past, any advice you could give me on this would be AMAZING<3


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