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In the spirit of Halloween coming up I will be doing a Halloween giveaway!!!

This giveaway will include some ridiculously AMAZING prizes so let’s start with the rules before I tell you what you can expect from this one!

Da Rules~

  1. Whatever format you enter the giveaway on you must be following that page, for example if you’re on wordpress you must be following, tumblr and-daddy-they-took-my-boot, instagram EvilQueen417, and Facebook Drenched in Cosplay.
  2. While you only need to be following one of those pages you will get one additional entry for each page additional page you follow.
  3. Because a large part of this giveaway is going to be based around a prop from Blood Lake Customs, you MUST be following their Facebook page in order to win.
  4. You must Like, comment, and share this post in order to be entered to win, each of those actions gives you an additional chance to win!
  5. You must be willing to give a shipping address for your prize.
  6. The winner will be selected Friday the 13th of October, and has 72 hours to claim their prize.
  7. If you win I will message you directly.
  8. Three winners will be selected, the prizes will be small, medium, and large. The first person drawn will get the small, the second the  medium, and the third the large.
  9. If your prize is not claimed within 72 hours a new name will be drawn for that prize.
  10. I am not responsible for a package getting lost in the mail, damaged in delivery, or broken by it’s new owner. If there is any concern I can take a picture of the packed box, as well as the shipping information; however, please keep in mind this is a free giveaway and please don’t be rude or greedy!

Who’s ready to see the prizes!!!!!


Small prize: Fun Halloween socks, a bag of candy, Friday the 13th shot glasses, and Nightmare on Elm Street shot glasses!

Medium Prize: Hellraiser Puzzle box, Halloween: The curse of Michael Myers DVD, Fun halloween Socks, a bag of candy, Chucky POP Figure, surprise Halloween themed gift!

GRAND PRIZE: Fun Halloween Socks, a bag of candy, Freddy Krueger POP Figure, Freddy Krueger Glove, surprise Halloween themed gift, $25 Starbucks gift card, LulaRoe Halloween leggings (OS or TC let me know which size), and as sponsored by our friends at Blood Lake Customs we have a gift that has never before been entered in any giveaways! Your very own CUSTOM Jason Voorhees mask make for you by Blood Lake Customs!!!! This grand prize has easily over $200 worth of gifts and prizes!!!

Here are some images of his work:

He makes a TON of these amazing masks! Whoever wins will need to check out his facebook page and send me a screenshot of whatever mask it is you’d like. I will also be sending out some of his business cards in each prize that way anyone who wants to share the love or purchase more is able to!!


This will be the biggest giveaway on our blog until Christmas time! This is a very short giveaway time frame though so make sure you’re sharing this post and spreading the news!!! And to make your chances of winning even easier EVERY SHARE THIS POST GETS ON ANY FORMAT WILL COUNT AS AN ADDITIONAL ENTRY!!!! However, shares need to be make public so everyone can see them! Bonus points if you tag us in them!

I will be covering all costs of shipping and prizes, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enter the giveaway!



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