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Clicks of Cosplay


If you are someone who is easily offended then please don’t even bother with this post. This is strictly about the groups within the cosplay community, some good, some bad. I am very blunt and upfront in these post and it is not meant to offend, just to observe.

Making new friends through cosplay can be an awesome and exciting part of being in the cosplay community; however, because we are all dressing up as different characters and “playing” that unfortunately means that personalities can change and some people can just be petty and childish. Just like any other social structure, cosplay has it’s own versions of “clicks.” Here’s an easy guide to identifying the groups and personality types so you know who may not have your best interests at heart.

First, there’s the “Regina George” group. This is a group of girls and guys who generally think that they are better than any other cosplayer and have zero problem pointing it out. These cosplayers the “look” of this group will vary depending on what state or country you are in; however you’ll notice that about 98% of the time every piece of their costume except for accessories is handmade of the highest quality (and most expensive) material. This click thinks that if you haven’t made everything by hand out of super expensive material and you followed generic patterns then you aren’t a true cosplayer. In the presence of them you can feel the air temperature drop about ten degrees, and their eyes feel like they’re over analyzing every piece of you. These people are usually fake in the sense that they may not know a lot about the character they are cosplaying but they make sure that they look as screen accurate as possible. They are also incredibly rude. They will do their best to ignore you and they may even be a bit two-faced at first, but overall this group of cosplayers is just going to put you down. THANKFULLY much like the real Regina George, they tend to keep their group small and exclusive. Think of it as the sorority of cosplayers.

Next on the exact opposite end of the spectrum are the super-obnoxious-weeby-otakus-that-take-things-too-far to the crossroads of uncomfortable and borderline harassment. Now for anyone who categorizes them selves as this I mean you no harm and please don’t take offense because there is like a 99.999999% chance that I am not talking about you. Let me describe and you’ll understand exactly who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the 40-something-year-old brony who legitimately hasn’t showered all con, and knows everything about anything obscure and doesn’t even want to talk about “mainstream” animes. These are like the hippie/hipster combo of the cosplay world. This group is also super super exclusive. There are usuall yonly one or two of these per every 200 people at a con. They typically will keep to themselves and leave you alone and they are really nice misunderstood people usually. I say usually because sometimes they can be as judgemental as the Sorority group.

Next are the children. I’m talking anyone younger than 18. They also have their own clicks; however, they are usually super nice and get along with each other. BUT the chaperone parent is who you have to look out for. Sometimes the kids get lucky and someone’s dad offered to take them because he really wanted to go; however, that is usually no the case. Chaperones tend to think that we are on the eccentric side and usually try their best to keep the kids away from anyone else. If a child asks for a picture with you PLEASE FIRST MAKE SURE THEY HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE CHAPERONE. And never ever ever touch them. Like not even hand on shoulder. It’s just bad juju.

Then there are the paid “cosplayers” or the “poster girls” these are the girls that take a storm trooper costume and cut it down to a thong bikin and booty shorts with super tall hooker boot heels. No, I’m not talking about the con models, I’m talking about the playboy bunny inspired girls. They usually have their own booth at large cons and try to sell less than modest pictures of themselves. Now I’ll give it to these girls, they look great and usually they know a lot about the characters they are dressed up as. But dressing up is all it is, they aren’t really cosplayers. Now, catch them outside of their booth and most of them will look completely different, they’ll be in full costume making Chewbacca noises. Most–not all.

Models. Models usually don’t know much if anything about the character they are cosplaying. Usually they show up for a few hours in their outfit, take pictures, promote a business, and leave. Unlike the paid cosplayers these models aren’t usually dressed in skimpy clothing, rather a female version of whatever character they are dressed as.

The cosplayer that takes it too serious. There are some cosplayers out there that take cosply far too serious. These are the people that seem to be angry or upset all of the time. Usually it’s because they’re spent months on their cosplay just to be unsatisfied with it in the end. Unfortunately they never see the silver lining in anything they do and they are their own worst enemy. This group tends to get upset easily if things don’t go their way, not because they’re selfish, but because they feel like they can’t get a break or the world is against them. This group is usually a phase that cosplayers go through for about a year or two and they out grow it by the time they’re out of their twenty-something phase in life.

The I-don’t-care-about-personal-space people. Sometimes they are harmless and mean well, other times they know exactly what they are doing. These people tend to touch your props, your costumes, OR YOU without asking. This is more of a personality type and not so much a click, but there is usually at least one in each group of people at the con.

The guys who think they’re better than girls. There are STILL A TON of these guys out there. Usually they travel in their own group. These are the guys who think girls suck at video games, they think girls don’t actually read comics and are just putting on a front to get guys to notice them.

The Harvey Dent group. This group of people tries to “fit in” with each group. If it’s a small area they know everyone and everyone knows them. They aren’t necessarily mean or rude or any type of way as far as that goes. They are really friendly with everyone at first. These are the people that will ask to hang out and somehow you end up paying for everything but it’s ok because you’re friends. HOWEVER, this group of people is a toxic group. I’m not saying it’s not ok to be friends with everyone or try to be “above the click” and fit in with all groups. But these people have the wrong intentions. And any time you try to correct them or ask them why they did a certain thing they play the victim game. You’ll hear a lot of “Oh no I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize that would upset you.” and even more of “I can never do anything right you should just stop being my friend.” This group will try to trap you into a parasitic friendship with them and when you do finally leave for good they make one last attempt to ruin you so you don’t leave. They will try to come between you and your other friends and if that doesn’t work they will try to trash you to people who have yet to meet you. When you finally get this person out of your life you’re going to feel empty, confused, and hella exhausted. I call them the Harvey Dent group because they would make great politicians. They’re conniving, cunning, and really friendly; however, one small thing happens and they are all of a sudden two-faced.

There are many other clicks and types of people but these are the ones that I observe the most. Mind you many of the cosplayers belong to their own groups and are EXTREMELY kind and thoughtful. These are just some observations I’ve made about specific clicks. Not everyone falls into these clicks, and not everyone in these clicks are in their for a negative reason. This is just meant to show that no matter how old we get or what hobbies we are involved in, it’s always high school in the end.


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