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My Mary Kay life!

Hello everyone! I’ve been out having a CRAZY life adventure that I will most definitely go into further detail on a different post!

I wanted to stop by to let you all know that among ALL of my other INSANE happenings in the past few months I have started selling Mary Kay cosmetics which you can purchase using this link!

You can also support me by liking my Facebook page by clicking here.   

I am incredibly excited about these products. I started selling them a few months ago and as someone who has never really stuck to a skin care routine I SWEAR BY THIS STUFF.

ALL of my adult acne is GONE! All of my skin issues that I had before (oily skin some places, cracked dry skin in others) has been completely taken care of. I LOVE MY SKIN and it’s all thanks to my Mary Kay journey.

I love using the makeup for cosplay because the colors in the shadows, liners, and lipsticks are all super pigmented and the foundations provide the awesome photo finish that you need for all day wear!


I’ve also been able to quickly climb up the ranks in the company and win TONS of free prizes, become a star consultant, AND be recognized by our national sales director (which is totally awesome btw).

This has been such a positive experience for me because not only am i making extra money, but i am entirely surround by positive happy people. Please message me on here, facebook, instagram, tumblr, or text 518-253-7313 with any questions or orders!

The featured image on this post doubles as a coupon if you shop with me! It does not work with other consultants and the coupon expires 3.15.18. Mention it to me before placing your order to receive your discount!



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