Giveaway info.

So, seeing as I didn’t get much interaction on the giveaway posts I won’t be able to host a fair giveaway. As the blog starts to get more interaction I may do more giveaways in the future.

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In the spirit of Halloween coming up I will be doing a Halloween giveaway!!! This giveaway will include some ridiculously AMAZING prizes so let's start with the rules before I tell you what you can expect from this one! Da Rules~ Whatever format you enter the giveaway on you must be following that page, for… Continue reading **GIVEAWAY ALERT**

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GIVE AWAY ALERT!!!!!  With so many holidays coming up like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday I'll be hosting a BUNCH of giveaways! Some of the prizes will be mystery prizes, some will have multiple winners, and some will be gift baskets! Keep your eyes out for some ridiculously cool prizes! I launched my pokemon… Continue reading ***GIVEAWAY ALERT***

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***GIVEAWAY ALERT*** Who is your favorite pokemon?

It's been around for what feels like forever, and everyone knows it! Pokemon is great for all ages, and now with the Pokemon Go game it's starting to get everyone a little more active! Comment your favorite Pokemon for a chance to win a special surprise!!! Rules of the Giveaway: You must be following drenchedincosplay.blog… Continue reading ***GIVEAWAY ALERT*** Who is your favorite pokemon?

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Random Puppy Appreciation post!

Meet Zoey (the little one by the fire pit), Daisy(red and white), and Arctic (white)! They are my beautiful huskies, Zoey is a Maltese-chihuahua and I just wanted them to meet the world! Arctic is a rescue and we expect him to be 5 or 6 years old. Daisy I've had since she was a… Continue reading Random Puppy Appreciation post!

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10 things NOT to do when preparing a cosplay

Do not attempt to take on too much at once. Yes, it may seem really cool to make a working chainsaw out of craft foam and paper but it is practical? Probably not. Will it stress you out to no end? Absolutely. Start small and work your way up that way you can avoid mistakes… Continue reading 10 things NOT to do when preparing a cosplay